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We turn waste into new products.

100% Circular

weturn is your intermediary to creating new desirable and useful products of quality made from recycled materials.

  • You have excess textile inventory ?
  • Starting to produce responsibly and looking for traceability ?
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We coordinate the recycling and recovery of unsold textiles to create new fabrics.

How does it work ?

weturn coordinates every operational step for you, until obtaining a fabric that is ready-to-use.

  1. Retrieval of your unsold textiles
  2. Processing and spinning
  3. Weaving and designing
  4. Provision of a recycled fabric of quality


weturn is committed to improving our quality of life by reducing the over-consumption of our natural resources.

Our ambition is to significantly increase the use of recycled raw materials in the design of goods of quality.

To include unused materials in the manufacturing of new products can be both profitable for brands and more virtuous for the environment.

weturn guarantees a quality support to your circular economy projects, in compliance with changing regulations.

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