We transform your unsold goods

A new output for your products

We recycle unsold textiles items from fashion houses and manufacturers into new quality yarns and fabrics


With weturn, your untapped products and materials become resources ready to be integrated into new collections.


Turn your sleeping stocks into additional income : we ensure the sale of the recycled yarn on the market.


Follow your products from start to finish thanks to dedicated, secure and transparent logistics.


In France, the AGEC law will prohibit the destruction of unsold goods as of January 1, 2022: anticipate similar actions with the support of an innovative service.

The weturn method

We respect our client’s confidentiality requirements and guarantee full traceability, from pickup to reuse.

Selection of unsold batches of goods


Pickup and packaging


Defibering and spinning


Sale to manufacturers


New products development


Make the most of your excess stock

Open loop

We distribute the thread on the market.

You get paid.

Closed loop

Use your recycled thread

Make gains in raw materials

At weturn we believe major fashion houses will always be a model to follow.