The United Nations Environmental Program warns that by 2050 the consumption level of our natural resources will be unacceptable.

In response to the growing global awareness and scientific publications, the French AGEC law pushes companies to modify their relationship with the end-of-life of their products and their supply in sustainable materials. This, in particular through the ban on destroying unsold goods.


In light of these challenges, we are determined to anticipate and act without further delay by supporting fashion Houses in their transition with a complete and innovative solution: recycling unsold textiles into new quality threads and fabrics.


We are convinced that the know-how, exemplary nature and desirability of products from major Houses should be maintained throughout the value chain, even when products have not found buyer.


A product that has not been used, or that has not been fully consumed, is a resource, which can be returned to its original state: a quality raw material ready to integrate new production cycles.


Our vision of a relevant circular economy is above all the creation of a virtuous recycling chain, then the collection, and finally the follow-up of materials until their reuse.


A complete chain is the guarantee of moving towards greater transparency, information and impact. This is why we position ourselves at the beginning, middle and end of the chain, to guarantee total respect for products, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.


We have a strict ambition: to considerably increase the use of recycled materials in new products, and thus limit the use of natural resources.


Major Houses from all boards, must test new sustainable sourcing channels to complement conventional channels.


Weturn is a company with a mission that will reform, at its own scale, part of the system. That is our bet.

At weturn we believe major fashion houses will always be a model to follow.