We distribute quality recycled yarn

Why order weturn yarn ?

New on the market, our yarns are made from unsold garments, rolls of fabrics, and production scraps from high-end brands and manufacturers.


The cones of yarn we distribute are obtained through a careful selection of raw materials and follow a demanding spinning method.


Our yarns meet the technical requirements of the sector for their composition, resistance and adaptability (fabrics, knits, finishes…).


We know the origin of the fibers used and trace them throughout our entire supply chain, from pickup to end use.


Our collections are developed by recognized and certified spinning recyclers.

The weturn library

A superior quality of recycled yarn obtained thanks to an assembly of fibers defined by our R&D team.

Developed in close collaboration with the best European spinners and logisticians in a closed loop recycling system.

Designed with and for committed manufacturers (weavers, knitters, tailors) who have shared their Specification Guides with us.

Standards and Certifications

We work closely with our spinning partners to develop collections that meet market demand.

At weturn we believe major fashion houses will always be a model to follow.