We coordinate both your recycling and ecodesign projects in a completely closed loop

You bring the stock
we bring the know-how

By applying anti-waste and circular economy regulations,
in keeping with the European Green Deal, we can finally put an end
to years of destruction. Our planet deserves better, and so does humanity.
To us, compliance and traceability are the keys to a better industry.

No more deadstock !

Items go unsold for many reasons.
Recent experience has shown us that industry professionals can’t always control circumstances.
Our solution reduces storage costs for your high-value products and materials.

We aim for quality

Thanks to our sorting method, tried and tested
by leading fashion Maisons, we bring quality
recycled textiles to market.
These are lower-impact materials produced locally
in Europe, and guarantee that you save
on, both, raw materials and carbon emissions.

Choose a one-of-kind solution

Our team will be by your side to support and
advise you at every step of your
circular economy projects.

Our job? Managing circularity.

With Weturn, you can monitor your recycled raw materials on the market, to ensure you’re meeting demand, and not saturating it.