About us

Weturn provides a solution to the waste of our raw materials.
By recycling unsold products and textiles that historically would have been destroyed due to the lack of a solution, we act to preserve our resources and against destruction.

Textile recycling


In response to the growing global awareness and numerous scientific publications, the French AGEC law pushes companies to modify their product’s end-of-life practices, as well as their supply in sustainable materials, through the new ban of destroying unsold goods.

We believe that the expertise, exemplarity, and desirability of products from major Houses and influential actors should remain throughout the entire chain, even when the products have not found buyers. An unused product, or one that has not been entirely consumed, is a resource that can return to its original state: a quality raw material ready to be integrated into new production cycles.

Our vision of a relevant circular economy is primarily the creation of a virtuous supply chain, followed by collection, and finally the tracking of materials until their reuse. A complete chain ensures greater transparency, information, and impact.

That’s why we position ourselves at the beginning, middle, and end of the chain to ensure total respect for products, suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers. We have chosen a strict ambition: to significantly increase the use of recycled materials in new products and thereby limit the use of natural resources.

We thus encourage the industry to test new sustainable supply chains in addition to conventional ones.

The team

We preserve resources and living organisms by transforming production models

Sophie Pignères


Charles Allart

Director of Operations

Eugénie Monroe

Sales Manager

Boris Doré

Sales Manager

Hélène Geneau

R&D and Production Manager

Léa Fromont

Eco-Design Officer

Amélie Trotereau

Eco-Design Officer

Anne Guihery

Traceability and Impact Manager

Laura Kaplan

Project Manager & reporting

Brieuc Dupont

Traceability and Logistics

Marie N’doye

Traceability and Logistics

Colombe Morisseau

Brand Manager MT®
& partnership

Clara Jublan

Communication officer