The platform for circular and compliant destocking

From sorting to valorization, our SaaS platform ensures optimal processing of your unsold products and deadstocks, fully compliant with the new regulatory framework.

Do you want

A control tower to manage the end-of-life of your products and find them a more virtuous end-of-life?

Direct your stocks towards traceable and efficient valorization channels?

Obtain a detailed consolidated reporting of your campaigns?

The easy 5 steps to destock with Valo


Creation of a campaign

Define the type of stock to valorize (unsold finished products, production rolls, or scraps).


Selection of the channels

Select your valorization channels while adhering to the hierarchy imposed by regulations (donation, reuse, upcycling, recycling…)


Automatic sorting of your inventory

Share your file and discover your valorization rate per channel in just a few seconds (methodology designed according to their specifications).


Logistic planning and tracking

Download your packing lists to guide your logisticians in preparing the batches and track collection operations in real time.


Consolidated report

Get access to the results
of your campaigns, including
actual valorization rates per channel, material dispatch, and your certificates.

Our clients have already noticed

Tangible results from
+ 40 campaigns launched in just 6 months.

A significant time saving
on research and
relationship with
valorization channels

More fluidity
in their campaigns
and logistical operations.

A clear improvement
in their valorization rates.
100% of their stocks
valorized among donation
reuse, or recycling channels.
Financial gains on
their raw materials,
thanks to the buyback offers
from reuse channels.

“The major advantage I see right away is being able to track all operations by type and measure the valorization rate. This is often complicated with our numerous sites / partners / manufacturers.”

Jeremy, Environmental Project Manager, Maison LVMH

“I appreciate the ease of communication, simple downloading, transparency about the fate of the products, the provided packing list, and accessible reporting for historical purposes.”

Claire, Global Retail & Stock Controller, Maison LVMH

After Valo, our expert logistic services, tailored to the channel’s needs.


and treatment

We ensure the reception and over sorting of your products with our partner Cedre, a 100% secure logistics platform.



Products are dismantled or unlabeled before being reused or recycled through valorization channels


and storage

The materials selected for our recycling channel are baled and stored until reaching the minimum quantity required by industrial spinners. They will then be integrated into the MTR collection.

VALO’s valorization partners

VALO gives you access to best-in-class local reuse and transformation channels.
They ensure that these resources remain part of our economy.

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