Conceived for 100% traceable products from the European circular economy.

For those who value recycling and transparency in their eco-design projects.

Unique, universal, socially and environmentally conscious; a marker of trust. Strict specifications. Unequivocally transparent.

The MTr tag is available to brands that use our textiles in their collections.

PrEservation !

Weturn provides a solution to the waste of our raw materials. In the past, unused products and textiles were destroyed, for want of a better solution. By recycling them, we are taking action for the preservation of resources and against destruction.

The outcome: our MTr tag, a new ally to activist consumers.

Bourre de coton


Thanks to our methods, the quality of our recycled textiles is ranked among the highest on the market.

Weturn works with a network of European manufacturers with the most demanding specifications.

They are based in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal and comply with social and environmental standards.

Bobine de fil Weturn

Impact and

Weturn partners with product lifecycle analysis specialists, and shares information with them each step of the way.

All our logistical flows are optimized and monitored with Crystalchain, to guarantee total traceability, from fiber to product.

Jersey Weturn


We offer brands a complete solution with our partner Fairly Made ®: quality recycled materials, full traceability, and product footprint.

Using a QR code, consumers receive full, transparent access to a product’s journey. This ensures brand compliance with the second part of the French AGEC law: environmental information and labeling.

QR code MTr Fairly Made x Weturn


Two years of building a recycling channel culminated in a demo project: Weturn’s first collection.

We have gone all the way!

Eco-designing affordable products in Europe, from quality, lower-impact, 100% traceable, recycled textiles is possible!